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Tonya Neihardt is an efficiency expert who saves you TIME at work or at home so you have more ENERGY to live your best life.


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I'm Tonya, An Expert in Productivity and Organizing.

My superpower is helping people save time and energy. How? By simplifying their tasks, documenting processes, and automating reminders. I spent my 25-year career doing this for large consumer products companies. Now, I enjoy helping business owners, individuals and teams, understand the barriers to being more productive by observing their spaces and analyzing the way they do work for not only efficiency but also effectiveness. My specialty? Building capability in others to simplify and standardize their lives and replace chaos with order. 

Melanie T., Ohio

“I couldn’t get motivated to start a particular task because I never knew how long it would take me to complete. Tonya observed me, asked questions, and documented a step-by-step checklist. Next time, the task took less time to complete. What I like most is that I can plan this task into my schedule because I know how long it’s going to take me. I’m less mentally tired after completing it because I don’t have to remember all of the steps. Now I want all my monthly and less frequent business-related tasks written down. I would hire Tonya again and again to save time and mental energy."   

Joan R., Ohio

“Tonya understood my anxiety starting a new job and feeling overwhelmed navigating the new team collaboration tools. I worried about setting the right tone for the team with priorities within my first 90 days. Tonya helped me transition my tasks to the new tool and get comfortable with the workflows until I was sure nothing would fall through the cracks. Her sensible, methodical approach allowed me to learn how but also why each step was important. I feel equipped to maintain my to-do’s in the tool and even grow with it! I highly recommend Tonya Neihardt to anyone who needs to be a little more productive and efficient in their job. She saved me time and energy (and stress!)”

Rob E., Kentucky

“To avoid paying for outside storage I was using my garage to manage inventory for my business. I really didn’t know if I would run out and a physical count took me 2 hours. Tonya helped me understand past and current orders to establish lower and upper quantities. We designated appropriate shelf space, labeled shelves using red, yellow, and green tape. From a distance and at a glance, I knew the state of my inventory. Green = good; Yellow = time to reorder; Red = at risk of running out; order ASAP. These simple, inexpensive steps saved me time and energy managing my inventory. I also saved money on expedited shipping costs! I highly recommend her and loved how creative she was solving any problem I threw her way.” 

Nate S., Ohio

“I spent 6 frustrating hours every week tracking down my business-related equipment, in the hands (or trucks) of my contracted employees. Tonya put a unique number on each piece of equipment using her labeler. We created an Excel spreadsheet with purchase date, repair log, etc. For my field crew who hate paperwork and often have dirty hands, we downloaded a free app with a few custom questions they answer at the beginning and end of each job. Using dropdowns, they select equipment type, hours used, then snap a picture of the label and hit send. I now have everything in my inbox - employee name, geotagged job location, equipment, hours used, and any repairs needed. No more searching! Tonya saved me time and energy, about 4 hours every week, and I have a much better handle on managing my business assets. Genius!” 
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Mason, OH 45040

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