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Residential Organizing


Do you wish you weren’t always running out the door because you spent time looking for your keys? Your glasses? Your phone? Or your kids had a place to throw their stuff when they come home from school?

Do you wish your kids could easily find and grab their own healthy snacks from the pantry without yelling for help?

Do you wish you could spend just a little less time putting things away?


I thoroughly believe in having the right item in the right place at the right time. Your spaces should be set up to facilitate smooth and effortless execution of the task, whether it’s making a cup of coffee, sorting the laundry, or paying the bills.

I love putting like things together, simplifying the number of spots things “could” be kept, and eliminating mental clutter so you can be more creative, fun, and energized.

Let me help you organize things where you need them and teach you methods for maintaining your gains. Sometimes this means decluttering, discarding, donating, etc. but not always! Perhaps you just need better systems for storing and identifying what you have on hand.

See my residential organizing pricing.

Business Owner

Initial Phone Consultation

A virtual conversation to determine if we are a match to work together -- where we learn more about each other, understand your current challenges with productivity and/or organizing, and determine if our working styles and my skills will create the best solutions for your goals.

Plan for call to take up to 25 minutes.


In-person Needs Assessment

In-person walk-through of challenging spaces and/or inefficient processes, understanding of goals, and a collaborative conversation to identify possible solutions. Deliverable is a written action plan to implement the improvements with a schedule for working sessions.


Plan for in-person assessment to take 90 minutes.

$200.00 (includes written action plan)

Organized Desk

Working Sessions

In-person, hands-on "doing" the work together with real-time coaching on how to maintain the gains. Customizable options* are available upon request.

Plan on in-person working sessions lasting 3 hours and virtual working sessions lasting 1 hour. 

Individual sessions

$350 per 3-hr in-person session or

$125 per 1-hr virtual session

Multiple sessions*

$1000 for three 3-hr in-person sessions (includes one 30-minute virtual follow-up session)

$1900 for six 3-hr in-person sessions (includes two 30-minute virtual follow-up sessions)

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