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Tonya Neihardt

I'm Tonya and my superpower is saving people TIME and ENERGY, our two most valuable resources.

My WHY is helping others learn to simplify their lives and have more time and energy for what they love! My WHAT is sharing that knowledge and experience with others through Productivity and Organizing coaching. I am passionate that everyone should be able to live their best life, their most authentic life, and their most productive life. My HOW is by truly listening to understand my clients' challenges with empathy, compassion, and respect for their capabilities, and then collaborating on the solutions that will work best for them. It is an honor to be invited into my clients' lives, into their places of business and their homes, and it is my commitment to work together to achieve their goals for productive spaces and simple, repeatable processes to manage their life. 

My love affair with efficiency started at a very young age. I grew up in a multigenerational, family-owned hardware store and I "helped" with inventory, cleaning, answering phones, and sorting, etc. If I wasn't in the pool or on my bike, my hobbies tended to be tedious and reliant on order. Since our house was pretty small, I felt like I was constantly reorganizing just to have more room, especially the bathroom I shared with my two older sisters.

I studied Chemical Engineering at Purdue and hired on with Procter and Gamble out of college. There I learned how to implement Total Quality and Total Productive Maintenance Systems, similar to the Toyota Production System, and have used these and other Lean methodologies throughout my career. My brain has been hard-wired for efficiency and productivity, that everything has a designated place, especially in shared spaces where there are multiple users. It's just nice to have what you need when you need it and not run out of the critical items!

I have spent my 25+ year career helping big companies with productivity, efficiency, and training (including P&G, General Mills, Sunny Delight, Ernst and Young, Conagra, Lamb Weston) and now want to pass along my knowledge and experience helping local companies and individuals. In my spare time, I LOVE organizing and have helped many friends and family members with everything from home offices, household management, pantries, closets, basements to downsizing and full house moves!

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