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Do you ever take the long way because it's easier than looking up the shortest route?

Do you ever take the long way to get somewhere because you know that way will get you there? You know it takes you out of the way, is not as efficient, takes more time and gas, but you just don’t feel like looking up the shortest route?

Our lives are full of examples like this – where we add on small steps incrementally without realizing how much time it now takes to do something. We often think we don’t have time to stop and analyze our steps and look for easier ways to do things because we know we can just keep plugging away the same way we’ve always done it. It’s similar in concept to choosing to do something ourselves rather than delegate it to someone else. We know we can do it faster and better anyway, right? This usually ends up biting us later when we are in a bind and it turns out we are the only one who knows how to do something. Oh, how we wish then we had taken a few extra minutes to show someone else what we know!

I can help you be more efficient and productive with your time and energy. First, we’d have a conversation about what tasks seem to take you much longer than they used to, tasks that are frustrating to complete, tasks you know could be done more efficiently. Next, I would spend time shadowing you, in your workspace, observing you execute the task, asking questions to understand how you are doing things, and looking for redundancies or simplifications. Wouldn’t we all like to know we are executing our tasks in the most efficient way possible? Especially the frustrating or less fun things on our to-do list?

Reach out today for a free 30 minute consultation. Let's talk about what task is most frustrating to you today. You'll save time and energy tomorrow.


be you. be productive.

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